Episode 5: Can studying rap lyrics increase vocabulary?

In this episode Austin Martin, 2020 member of the Forbes 30 under 30 roster and creator of the online vocabulary program Rhymes with Reason, discusses how studying rap lyrics can be used to increase vocabulary.

Episode 4: Video: An Upended Senior Year

Many of the traditional high school to college transition activities have been cancelled causing high school seniors and their families to question what will happen in the fall. In this episode Ryan Neloms, Assistant Director of Event Services & Student Life at Grand Valley State University and Rod Wallace, Director of Upward Bound at Eastern Michigan University, discuss what should incoming college freshmen expect this upcoming school year.

Episode 3: Video: Homeschool Help

As school buildings across the country are shuttered for the remainder of the current school year, many parents and caregivers have unexpectedly become deputized as their child's primary instructor. In this episode, homeschool educators discuss their experiences and tips for effectively teaching children at home.

Episode 2: Video: Mr. E in the D

In this episode we talk with special guest, Mr. E in the D, on how he revolutionized the roll of dean of students at his school and the role Black men can play in the creation of quality children’s television.

Episode 1: Video: History & Purpose of In Demand

 In this inaugural episode we discuss the history and purpose of In Demand with Michelle Davis, current high school administrator and the 2017 Coleman A. Young Foundation Teacher of the Year.   Learn how a chance encounter with Ms. Davis helped to spark the In Demand movement and listen in on the discussion of the need for more Black men to be involved as educators, mentors and volunteers from a woman’s perspective.